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Hello & Welcome to the Chipmaster website.
Updated: 31/03/2011

Whilst I no longer have a workshop in Perth and have moved east for semi-retirement. I still have an avid interest in all things automotive and a passion to provide quality late model EFI Tuning.

As such if you want nothing but the best care and attention to detail for your pride and joy or perhaps want to give your daily driver a bit of a tickle for improved Fuel economy & Power, Please feel free send me a message if you are interested in booking in for one of my regular dyno tuning visits to Perth.

If your not located in Perth, I am more than willing to travel anywhere in Australia on the proviso I can get a minimum 3 cars to tune. Or perhaps you would like one of my well known mail order tunes.

Either way, If you would like to contact me please feel free to send me a message from the contact button.

Kind Regards,

Daniel Collins


The average 220kw SS can be upgraded to achieve 300kw GTS levels of performance at competitive prices.

Best Contact is via email as I am out of mobile range while travelling


PH 0412 770 696