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Here at Chipmaster all tuning is done in-house by our qualified tuning technician on the latest Dyno Dynamics dyno. It has all the features such as air and fuel ratio readings so they can be monitored whilst the car is being tuned. We have been tuning all over Australia for the last ten years. We do all performance upgrades to Holden, fords, Nissans, chevs as well as all the aftermarket computer systems.

WHAT DOES A PCM UPGRADE ENTAIL?A PCM Upgrade can be done with maximium gain to all LS1 GEN III engines SS, GTS, R8, auto or manual and also supercharged and MAFless Head and Cam cars.

When we reprogram we "flash" the factory computer chip, this does not involve any replacement or disassembling. All re-programming is undetectable to factory diagnostic technicians.

Every car is run on the dyno and is data logged to determine the optimum tune using efilive .With the use of our custom tuning software we are able to adjust a variety of variables in the factory PCM such as Fan temperature control, rev limit, speed limiter,diff ratio correction. Air/Fuel rations and spark timing can be optimized to increase power and torque right through the rpm range . Better fuel economy and drivability is also attained by optimizing the tune . Automatic transmission calibrations can also be optimized for improved shift quality and drivability.