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With the start of winter looming it was a rush to find time to get some serious tuning development done and try a series of different exhaust systems to see how the new 6L engine responded before the track was closed for the break.

In theory a 2 3/4 system was what we thought to be ideal for the 6L but as no manufacturer makes a system of this size would we have opted to try a dual 2 1/2 exhaust system initially to see how the engine would respond and after fitting a full system from headers to tailpipes we were a little disappointed to find that we had gained next to no power on the dyno and this was backed up on the track with a 13.4@104mph .

Back to the shop it was time to try the 3" system so we bolted a complete new system from front to rear and retuned the motor to suit , instantly we got a power increase to 239kw , time to take t to the track and to verify the increase , first time out it reeled of a 12.93@107mph , and then backed it up with another 2 passes. so we had achieved our initial target of a 12 sec street car with careful modifications

Time to make it look the part now so we decided to fit our new lowered suspension system to the VE  , we decided on coil over units as we could then lower the vehicle without compromising shock travel as a lowered spring can do on a std shock system , this also gave us the added benefit of 15 way bump/rebound adjustment for both road and track use , and it allows us to raise or lower the vehicle without adjusting spring preload.

Once these were fitted and the car setup with a good alignment it was time for a test drive , the handling of the car was transformed with a little spirited driving the car now felt flat and stable though the corners with nice direct steering response and testing showed that the ESP calibration hadn't been affected when the car was pushed hard. the added benefit was the car now had a aggressive stance .




Living with the exhaust on a day to day basic was another thing though , this system had a horrible drone @1800rpm right were the you spend most of your time in traffic , a couple off extra resonators were tried but the drone was just as bad , on acceleration the car had a very nice note but it just ruined a nice car.

We had intended to try another  couple exhaust options and see if we can find a suitable exhaust system for the new VE , as every system we have test driven has shown the same traits we will try and find a solution for next issue.